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Transition to zero carbon emissions with Peugeot electric cars. Our range of electric vehicles can meet all your needs: ultra-compact city car or functional commercial vehicle. Peugeot's 100% electric vehicles combine innovative design, outstanding environmental performance and state-of-the-art technology. Discover the advantages of Peugeot 100% electric cars.

Peugeot Electric Peugeot Electric e - 2008 SUV



Enjoy a new level of driving comfort thanks to our quiet engines and reduced vibrations in a PEUGEOT electric car. What’s more, discover the joy of driving an electric car, including an easy start up and immediate engine torque that allows a clear acceleration without gear changes.


Because of their mode of operation, PEUGEOT electric vehicles emit no harmful CO2 or NOx gases, as well as providing a range of up to 217 miles (WLTP) with the all-new e-208.



To appreciate the total cost of a vehicle, you should not just consider the purchase price, but also the cost of energy (electricity or fuel), insurance and vehicle maintenance. A Peugeot electric car makes for an average consumption gain of 40% and maintenance that is up to 30% cheaper compared to a combustion vehicle.


Furthermore, by buying an electric car, you benefit from the Government Grant scheme of £3,000.

  • Fast and intuitive charging - Freedom to drive in the city even those with emission restrictive zones

  • Energy cost is lower than fossil fuels - Low cost of use due to reduced maintenance

  • 0g / km of CO2 emissions - A smoother drive without vibration - Up to 217 mile range.


100% ELECTRIC MOTOR - The 100kW engine (136bhp) provides instant acceleration with its immediate engine torque

of 260Nm, as well as the pleasure of flexible, dynamic, and silent driving.

All-New E-208 Active Electric 50 KWh 136

Manual air conditioning

£289.00 per month - Deposit £3,251.91

Finance; Peugeot Passport 5.0% APR 6000 miles per annum

Optional Final Payment To Buy £11,680.00

£26,025.00 on the road 

(includes a government grant of £3,000)

Peugeot Electric  2008 suv




Enjoy new driving sensations in full electric mode:

  • 206 mile range*

  • A smooth drive without vibration

  • Sharp acceleration thanks to immediate engine torque

  • A silent engine* offering a serene driving experience

  • 0g CO2 emissions in driving phase



Enjoy greatly reduced motoring costs:

  • Energy cost lower than fossil fuels

  • Low cost of use thanks to reduced maintenance

  • Government subsidy of up to £3,000

  • Use of ECO mode

  • Freedom to drive in the city even those with emission restriction zones

  • Fast and intuitive charging

Discover the all-new PEUGEOT e-2008 SUV with its full electric powertrain. Savour the unexpected sensations of an all-electric vehicle without having to compromise on space, technology or driving dynamics.


Place your order today to be one of the first to drive away in the all-new e-2008 SUV late April 2020.

All-New 2008 SUV Active Electric 50 kWh 136

£309.00 per month - Deposit £4,609.93

Finance; Peugeot Passport 5.0% APR 6000 miles per annum

Optional Final Payment To Buy £12,960.00.

Price £29,065.00 on the road

(includes a government grant of £3,000)



The All-New e-208 & 2008 SUV charges using a classic domestic plug in 24  hours for a complete charge.

A cable must be purchased as an accessory to facilitate this activity.




Charge your all-new e-2008 SUV more quickly and safely from a dedicated charging point which takes approximately 7.5 hours for a full charge. Government subsidies in the UK are available to support this




You can obtain 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes** from a 100kW charging station. Rapid chargers can be found at most motorway service stations and are being progressively installed across the UK.

Peugeot e-208 Charging

For further information on the exciting All-New Peugeot Electric Range,

Please contact a member of the Sales Team on Tel; 01380 731970

Peugeot Electric  UNBORING THE FUTURE Fussell

Electric Offers

FREE Home Charging Point Fully charge your vehicle in just 7.5 hours with a 7kW Pod Point charger unit for your driveway or garage.  We’re offering a Pod Point charger unit at no cost* to Retail customers requiring standard installation when ordering an all-new e-208 or all-new e-2008 SUV between 2nd June to 1st July 2020.